Month of Massage - Part 2

Let me start by saying that the last thing i want to do is put your masseuse out of business!  By all means, if you can support your horse with professional massage, do so knowing that you are offering a wonderful gift to your equine partner, and providing healing therapy for your horse.  Massage is also a really good mode of preventative care.  Sadly, many of us are not able to afford the services of an equine body worker, some not so often, and some not at all, and others may be able to afford it, but not have access to it.

Putting aside the logistical aspects of finances and availability, performing massage for your horse with your own hands provides more than just relief to the equine body, it builds and strengthens the bond between you. 

Humans are always coming at their horses with demand in their hands.  The human hand is almost always saying,

"I want something from you."

"I want to take something from you."

"I want you to do this for me.”

Sometimes, but not as often, the human hand comes with a stroke, a pat, or a treat, but those moments are fleeting and few compared to the demands.  The human hand says,

“Go here.”

"Go there.”

“Do this.”

“Do that.”

The human hand pulls, pushes, and often punishes.  Offering massage to your horse, your hands can at last act in a loving way.  Massage enables your hands to say,

"”I want to help you.”

“I want you to feel good.”

“I want to show you love.”

Massage offers you an opportunity to give something to your horse without expecting anything in return.  It allows you to be close to your horse, to feel your horse, touch your horse, all without expectation.  Grooming is a wonderful bonding experience too, but even grooming has some hint of human agenda attached to it.  Massage for the horse by its own human is such a great example of something unselfish that we can do for our horses. 

Again, I am all for professional massage, but not at the exclusion of the human laying their own hands on their own horse.  The health benefits that come from a professional massage are undeniable, but the opportunity to build your bond, strengthen your relationship, and weave the threads of love and trust between you and your horse can only occur when you lay your own hands on your own horse.

I hope you enjoy the second video in our series on DIY massage!

Part 2 of the Summerwood Series on Equine Massage. Check back all month for new content!