Month of Massage! - Part 1

This month, February 2018, I finally feel ready to start to share some of my feelings and findings on the mind/body/spirit connection, and a little about what I have been learning about the different energies that exist in life.

I have purposely refrained from reading or studying this matter, so that I could take a pure journey in discovery. I did however, come into this with a bit of an understanding about the Theory of Attraction, and how we can manifest things in our life through our beliefs.  I have seen first hand how our attitudes can affect what we do.  I have also witnessed that there seems to be a relationship between our attitude and our health, and that there has been proven that a strong spirituality can lead to longevity for humans.  I have also seen that horses that have happy lives seem to be healthier, and have noticed that healthy happy horses do seem to live longer.  I firmly believe that the mind, body, spirit and soul work with each other, depend on each other, and need each other. 

I have long been a fan of massage, and I believe that getting in touch, literally, with the body, can have a profound effect on the mind and spirit.  I am not a professionally trained body worker, nor have I studied at length or depth in books, but what I have done over the course of many years is study, in a  "hands on" way, the horses in my life, each one gifting me a piece of a very fascinating puzzle of what this "complete connection" is about.   There are so many different techniques for massage and you can learn about them and study many of them online.  I enjoy the Masterson Method and TTouch, but the very best massage instructor is already in your barn!  That’s right!  Your horse will guide you and teach you in this journey as well. As long as you are safe, careful, and thoughtful, if you are comfortable and educated enough to groom your horse thoroughly, you should be able to massage your horse as well.  Of course, if your horse has soundness, lameness, or health issues you should always consult with a practitioner, but generally, a well intended, love-filled laying on of hands should not be something we should feel insecure about trying, and that’s a great starting point for you and your horse if you’ve never tried this before.  Just put your hands on your horse, gently and with a heart felt intention, and watch your horse respond.  Listen to your horse.  Let your instinct and intuition play a part in guiding you, too.  Spending time with your horse with the intention of wanting your horse to feel better, can only be time well spent, and these moments go a long way in building your relationship, trust, and your own connection with your horse. 
As always - be safe, and respect your horse’s boundaries.  Your horse will tell you if it’s not the time or place.  To help inspire you, have a look at the first video in our little DYI massage series, we will follow it up in a few days with more blog, and more video!

Part 1 of the Summerwood Series on Equine Massage. Check back all month for new content!