Month of Massage - Part 3

Massage is something we can all do.  It’s one of the more innocent and simple acts of healing.  The laying on of a well meaning and loving pair of hands, if only to offer warmth to a sore muscle, is not a bad place to start.  Touching and feeling your horse with a flat palm or palms, all over the horse’s body, is a great introduction for horse and human.

We have a mare that does not like to be groomed.  We thought she just did not like being touched.  Oh boy, were we wrong!  I became curious to see if we could reframe her idea about human touch.  We started with very, very gentle massage, and yes, she was suspicious at first, but it did not take long to win her over to this non-brushing, non-currying thing with the hands. We now start her with a massage before grooming, and she is so relaxed by the time the brushes come out that the grooming goes smoothly for all, and even tacking up for this mare is now easier. 

If you don’t know how to start this journey, just touch your horse.  Calmly, slowly, and with love in your heart and hands.

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