Month of Massage - Part 5

Massage can be as simple as touching someone while filled with thoughts and intention of bringing that someone healing, or it can be a very systematic therapeutic process of learned and practiced movements, but the best is when it is both!

Medicine is of the sciences, but I believe that healing is of the arts, and when art is involved, it is important to develop your own style. 

Thanks to the internet and YouTube, you can now study the concepts of massage quite easily and if you have a horse or horses to practice with, the horses can and will be excellent teachers and study partners.  Let your horses help you develop your own style of massage, which should include a nice balance of intention, intuition, and learned skills.

Always be safe, and listen to your horse, and respect what your horse is telling you.

To get you started, please have a look at 2 of my favorite methods, the Masterson Method by Bill Masterson, and TTOUCH by Linda Tellington-Jones.