The Summerwood Instructional Series seeks to educate the world on the possibilities, potential and importance of bitless riding. 

Nina Heller's four decades of experience in competitive riding married to her lifetime of loving and living with horses has given her a unique insight and wisdom.  This is her technique. 


Her school, Summerwood, is a collective of riders of all ages and abilities, sharing a desire to develop better riding technique and a more complete relationship with our horses through improved communication.

The Summerwood Instructional Series demonstrates that bitless riding and training can benefit every horse and every rider.  Nina’s approach facilitates full, articulate communication and collaboration within the horse and rider partnership and empowers horse and rider to develop all of the aids.

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News & Updates

Happy Anniversary to us!  On June 28, we celebrated 20 years of Summerwood goodness, as well as our Interdressage Championship!  Check out some photos below!

It's Summertime at Summerwood and this is what we are up to!  Check out the first rehearsal of the Summergirls Quadrille and stay tuned to see our progress!

You are never too young or too old to be bitless and beautiful!!!
Sarah is a 20 year old petite Arab, and Colette is a 9 year old petite equestrian, they are modeling a gorgeous black leather Dr. Cook's cross under bridle. Sarah and Colette had a wonderful maiden voyage in the new Dr. Cook's bridle, and all who witnessed were in agreement, that this was the most quiet and comfortable that sarah has EVER been in a bridle! Thank you Dr. Cook!

Listen to "Bitless!"

Nina's story is published in the May 2015 issue of Dressage Today!  You can read it here:

ITS OFFICIAL!!! Team Summerwood,USA was just announced as winners of the 2015 Interdressage Riding School League Championship AND 2015 Winter League Championship!!! We competed with almost 20 other riding schools and over 20 riding clubs from all over the world in these leagues, and we are the only all bitless team! Congrats to Summerwood, bitless and beautiful for not only dressage, but, equitation, working equitation, and everything else! i am so proud of my team, human and equine!!!





Please remember that Nina and Summerwood are offering training advice and suggestions, based on her specific experience with these products.  Please work with any horse with caution and note that all training on which you embark is done at your own risk.  Make safety your top priority, and always consult with your trainer, veterinarian or another equine professional before embarking on a new training journey.

Check out our inaugural edition of "Summerwood's Tack On Trial," where we explore Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle.  Enjoy!