Welcome to Bitless & Beautiful


Bitless & Beautiful is a riding club  inviting membership to riders all over the world who ride, train, and compete without the use of a bit, and anyone who would like to support the mission of creating a bitless and beautiful world for our equine friends.


Happy New Year and welcome to IROBE!!!  Click the ribbons below to find out more!

Membership Benefits

You can feel good knowing that every dollar you spend with Bitless & Beautiful helps us to help horses and riders everywhere, furthering our mission of creating a more bitless and beautiful existence.  From generating videos, to creating educational materials, and raising awareness through social media and at live events, Bitless & Beautiful is determined to inspire change!

Be part of this evolution by joining the club!

Your annual club membership includes:


Irobe Directory

Starting in 2017, IROBE will provide an organizational structure for bitless equestrians around the world, including programs such as year-end high point awards for a variety of disciplines and Bitless Horse of the Year!  Stay tuned for exciting developments in the coming months.


All bitless enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy our public Video Library.  ONLY Bitless & Beautiful club members can watch exclusive, password-protected content created by Bitless & Beautiful.  Join now to start studying the 5 Building Blocks to Bitless!


As a B&B club member, you can submit video of your riding and training each month and receive coaching from Bitless & Beautiful’s founder.  This service is included in your membership at no additional charge!  All video lessons will be viewable by fellow B&B members, but only your coach will offer advice.



Everyone’s bitless journey is unique.  In our Bitless & Beautiful blog, we share our personal stories of trials, challenges and triumphs.



Members have direct email access to Bitless & Beautiful to seek advice for specific issues and to receive personalized support in your bitless journey.

eGuide Download

Your membership includes an exclusive, members-only download of our second eGuide, detailing the 10 keys to a smooth transition to bitless riding and training.

Bitless & Beautiful T-shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeve - and your chest!  Every member receives a Bitless & Beautiful T-shirt. Check out all the Bitless & Beautiful merchandise in our online shop.


2018 IROBE  - Join us!

IROBE competitors in 2018 will compete for beautiful year-end awards in all disciplines, including IROBE Horse & Rider of the Year!  Our champion prize package for 2018 includes a beautiful Transcend Bitless Bridle!

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