Please be advised of the following information when using Bitless & Beautiful's services and resources:

As with any training advice, I must remind you, if your horse has severe training or behavioral issues, or behaves in a dangerous fashion, please seek out the advice of a professional – a trainer, health practitioner, or farrier.  It’s always best to rule out that your horse is not in pain or having health issues, before starting any new program.  Most importantly, there is not one piece of equipment, gadget, or special tack that will substitute for or provide shortcuts to good, solid, sound training, and although switching to a bitless bridle will probably have an immediate positive effect on you and your horse, it is important not to rely on any tack but rather a solid base of training.  Bitless & Beautiful’s club program and website aim to encourage you to go back a few steps in your riding and training, just to make sure you have not left any gaps open along the way.


Before starting any new program, whether related to nutrition, training or riding, it is crucial to get the advice of a trusted professional such as your farrier or veterinarian - someone who knows you, your horse, and your situation.   Please make certain that you and your horse are both physically and mentally prepared to start any new program and be advised to start any new program slowly and with your safety and that of your horse first and foremost in your mind.  


By accessing the Bitless & beautiful website, and participating in IROBE membership, you are acknowledging that horses and ponies are unpredictable and dangerous, that riding and training horses is a hazardous activity and that there is inherent danger to you, your horse and your equipment involved in that activity.  You are voluntarily accessing the site and all site content.  By accessing the site, you have agreed to accept any and all risks of damage, injury or death.


By accessing the Bitless & Beautiful site and engaging in membership, you are acknowledging that neither Bitless & Beautiful nor any of their families, affiliates, employees, principles or agents has made, or is making, any representations, warranties or guaranties with respect to any training provided to you, and you hereby waive all remedies, warranties, guaranties or liabilities, expressed or implied, with respect to any advice or training provided to you, arising by law or otherwise.


As consideration for being permitted by Bitless & Beautiful to access and use the website and its content, you, on behalf of yourself and your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, release Bitless & Beautiful, their respective families, affiliates, employees, principles and agents, from any and all actions, claims, demands and liability now or hereafter arising out of my access of the site and its content.  


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By sharing our program with you. We are not making any claims or guarantees.  We are only offering a glimpse of the personal experience and strategy that has worked for us.  Enjoy!